Affiliates and Partners

Credit Line Capital is currently expanding nationwide and would like you to become an important part of our ISO team as we continue to grow our satellite channels. We recognize the importance of selecting a strategic business partner and will offer you a compelling financial arrangement as well as corporate funding of aggressive nationwide direct marketing programs. Credit Line Capital has designed a program for your organization that will provide you with a fast and flexible underwriting policy, guaranteed maximized approvals, unparalleled compensation plans, no application fees and state-of-the-art tools that allow you to fund in as little as 24 hours (MCA/ACH Program). We are committed to providing unsurpassed sales support and in-house customer service, so that you and your clients are fully served and assisted throughout your goals.

The Credit Line Capital Business Loan Affiliate Programs lets business brokers and other non-industry individuals earn a commission when they refer clients to our company. 

Our 700+ FICO startup program gives borrowers with good credit (they must be in the US) the ability to obtain up to $250,000 in funding, stated, with no income documentation, business plan, collateral, or prior operating experience. 

In a financial climate that is not friendly for startups, this product is not only extremely valuable but in high demand. We are one of the few companies that have the access and the knowledge to provide this product.