Commercial Real Estate Loans

Tell us your financing needs and we’ll show you our solution!


Credit Line Capital specializes in securing financing for projects that banks and mortgage companies will not. Our team understands the need for reliability and communication. We will work with you to identify the right solution for your situation.


Credit Line Capital is committed to providing the best service to investors in commercial real estate. We do not work with owner occupied residential properties. 

  • Terms from six months to 30 years. 


  • Total Costs- real estate purchase, soft costs, closing costs, construction/renovation, and 

       equipment can be covered.

  • International buyers financing is available.


  • Interest only and/or amortized with payment reserves available.


  • Joint partnership funding available.


  • We will help you find the right match among the 500 lenders we work with, making it  possible to partner with the market leader in your project's niche.


Properties we work with:


  • fix and fips 

  • multifamily

  • office

  • retail 

  • hospitality 

  • condo-hotel

  • industrial 

  • warehouse

  • mix use

  • senior housing 

  • student housing

  • self storage 

  • agriculture

  • renewable energy projects

  • medical

  • parking 

  • land